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X5 Dealer Profit understands consumers today engage and purchase vehicles using technology to shop, select a dealership and engage in a purchase transaction including leasing or financing. We strive to stay ahead of the curve to provide franchised auto dealerships with innovative technology solutions that drive consumers to your dealership, provide you a competitive advantage, greater profits and loyalty to your dealership.

Our customer focused solutions offer consumers options that they appreciate and understand, are relevant to their needs in today’s technology driven world and provide great value for protection, safety, peace of mind and financial security. The technology driven solutions assist your dealership with turn-key programs that will engage customers sooner, drive customers to your showroom, increase satisfaction to new levels and bring new profit sources to your bottom line.

Meet our team of professional profit makers.

  • Steve Brooker
    Steve Brooker Chief Profit Maker

    Optimist, Father, Brother, Son, motorcycle enthusiast, boat aficionado, student & teacher of and in auto industry for over 25 years, dedicated to clients profitability, believe in the golden rule, root for the underdog, excited when people succeed. Improving, wondering and chilling daily. Adore and champion my 3 daughters and their individuality as women.



    “If you think you can do a thing or you think you can’t do a thing you are right.”

    -Henry Ford

  • Shannon Radi
    Shannon Radi Digital Media Maven

    Be adventurous, Be grateful, Be inspired,    
    Be dedicated, Be bold.

  • Stephanie Lemay
    Stephanie Lemay Adminstrator & Bean Counter

    Success usually comes to those who are
    not too busy looking for it.

  • Leslie Weiss
    Leslie Weiss Profit Maker

    “Business is like riding a bicycle. Either you
    keep moving or you fall down.”
    – Frank Lloyd Wright

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